About GreenPark Services

GreenPark is your one-stop shop to clean and restore your business’s exterior. With years of experience, we believe that maintenance pays- saving you thousands of dollars in future repairs. Our highly-trained specialists are ready to tackle any of your commercial or residential needs today!

Power Washing

A power wash from GreenPark will bring your home or business back to its original beauty through the removal of any unsightly grease and grime to make your property shine! Plus, disinfect high-traffic areas of your business to make it feel like new!


Crack Sealing

With GreenPark crack sealing we have the equipment and know-how to improve the life and look of your lot, so you save costly future damage caused by unruly cracks. Enjoy the increase in property value, and the comfort of having your lot in the hands of the GreenPark experts.


Line Painting

Make your parking lot look like new again by letting GreenPark look after your line painting! Using the most durable of paints, GreenPark freshens up the appearance of your lot while adhering to AODA standards. With years of experience across multiple industries, we have painted storefront lots, schools, roadways, and industrial lots.



Make your property shine with pristine cut lawns, immaculate gardens, and a fully functioning irrigation system with the help of GreenPark. Grounds maintenance can be time-consuming and expensive to have full time staff managing it, so save your business time and money while improving your image with GreenPark Landscaping.


Excavation and Grading

Does your commercial or residential property require a major overhaul that includes excavating or grading your land? Call GreenPark! Let our professional team do the heavy lifting and remove excess dirt or level your land so your project can start off on the right foot.

Snow Plowing

Keep your customers and employees safe by letting GreenPark take care of snow removal at your commercial property all winter long. Our expert team clears and salts your business’s walkways and parking lots, so you have one less thing to worry about. When the snow flies, call GreenPark!

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